Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Before You Go Pro only for kids who want to go pro?
A: No. We are a company for players between the ages of 13-19 yrs old, who would like to play at the Div I, Div II, Div III, or NAIA Collegiate level.

Q: Is Before You Go Pro a recruiting service?
A: No. Before You Go Pro is a online mentoring service, that focuses on the person before the player. It is our belief that kids who learn from our program and dedicate themselves will manifest their own scholarship opportunities.

Q: Do you guarantee College scholarships?
A: Before You Go Pro does not promise College scholarships. However, we do believe that our program is highly likely to put a player in position to receive financial support from a College.

Q: Does Before You Go Pro train kids on the field?
A: No. Before You Go Pro takes a mental approach to the mentoring and grooming process with our players. Currently, we do not train on the field.

Q: Is Before You Go Pro affiliated with the NFL or NCAA?
A: At this time we are not. Although, many of the BYGP team members are or have been affiliated with the NFL and NCAA.

Q: Will Before You Go Pro conflict with my child’s football/school schedule?
A: Player film sessions and conference calls will take place at night and on the weekends, so there should not be too many conflicts for kids who really want the information. Due to the online nature of the program, athletes will be able to retrieve missed content.

Q: How do I become a sponsor?
A: You can find all the information on the Sponsor page.