About Before You Go Pro

Before you go pro is an online mentoring company, designed for football players between the ages of 13-19 yrs old. The program is geared towards teaching kids the mental and moral obligations that come with the game of football.

Founded in 2010, by CEO Terrence Wood, Before You Go Pro, was built on a love for football, and the players who play the game. The mission of Before You Go Pro, is to teach young football players the X’s and O’s on and off the gridiron. To mentor and groom the person, before the player.

At Before You Go Pro, we display a sincere passion to teach families and kids about the business of football. Due to the popularity of football, the stakes have increased, and the need for player and family support has been heightened.

With Before You Go Pro, athletes will receive exclusive online access to current and former, College and Professional players and coaches every week. Players will also receive valuable industry content, thought-provoking conference calls and discussions, and timely academic and test taking (SAT/ACT) updates.

Before You Go Pro, believes the culture of football has to evolve. And that evolution starts with the players. Please Join us!