Being on a losing football team can be extremely difficult. It can be even more difficult for athletes who need college exposure. However, not all hope is loss! If you believe you are college material, but you don’t have the supporting cast to help bring you and your team exposure. Checkout the tips below, to put yourself in position to be recruited, even if your teams season ends up being a bust!

Manage Relationships – The quality of your relationship with your coaching staff is always key. Make sure your coach views you as one of the bright spots within the losing season.


 All-League/All-Conference – There are less spots reserved on the All-League/All-Conference team for players from losing teams. However, you need to make sure you grab one of those spots. It’s a sign of League/Conference respect!


Proactivity- Colleges coaches rarely visit consistently losing high school and junior college football programs. So you have to be proactive! Make sure you keep your hudl film updated and email it to the colleges you want to pursue, as soon as you hit varsity. Also do as many online questionnaires as you can possibly do and attend summer camps and combines.

Positivity – It’s difficult playing on a losing team. You should be the example of positivity and hardwork for all of your teammates. It will show up on film and your coaches won’t forget it when the college coaches ask them about your work-ethic and character.


Good Luck This Season!!!

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