Our bodies naturally tend to shut down when we are dehydrated, which is exactly what every athlete and coach looks to avoid. With new protocol and focus on athletes staying hydrated during practices and games, it’s recommended by (Livestrong.com) that athletes drink 16 ounces of water before activity and 4 to 6 ounces every 10 to 15 minutes during athletic activity. As an organization that promotes athlete safety, we want to give you four signs that you can help you determine whether you are dehydrated as a player or if your team is dehydrated as a coach.

1. Fatigue – This can ring true especially during training camp for many football players and teams. As camp takes its toll, it also soaks up all the sweat from the glands of every football player on the field. If you find yourself yawning during meetings and fatigued on-the-field, it may be that you need to consume more water.

2. Tight Muscles – Muscle strains and tears happen when athlete’s muscles are too tight. Nine times out of ten, athletes who experience ham string pulls, strained quads and other similar injuries, tend to be athletes who are dehydrated and tight!

3. Anxiety and Tension– When people are dehydrated they are not just tight physically, they also tend to be more tense mentally. Athletes must consume water before, during, and after their athletic events to make sure the flow of energy and oxygen to the brain is always optimized.

4. Decreased Memory– One definite sign of severely dehydrated athletes is mental mistakes during practice and games. If you are a dehydrated athlete, water will quickly become the focus of your body and mind, which will decrease your capacity for on-the-field adjustments and play retention.