How it works

Each Athlete Receives:

  • Exclusive Content (BYGP Website Log‐in)
  • BYGP E‐book
  • Morning Inspirational Text (Weekdays only)
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • BYGP Coach/Accountability Partner
  • Individual College Game plan (step by step academic and athletic blueprint)

Once enrolled, players use their company issued username and password to checkout film room links, conference call times, Podcasts, Newsletter content, Company Videos, Company documents, and much more.

What’s in it for the Parent/Guardian?

  • Mental and Moral support for your young athlete
  • Exclusive access to industry knowledge and advice
  • Intro into the business of football
  • Vital recruiting information and updates
  • Important academic and NCAA requirement info
  • Post football career development for your child
  • Content and support from other BYGP families

What’s in it for the Coach?

  • Mentally strong and focused football players
  • Moral and Social guidance for each player
  • Strong emphasis on the necessity for high academic performance
  • Recruiting and eligibility information for athletes
  • SAT/ACT information and updates for athletes
  • Lessons in gratitude, and the privilege of being a football player
  • Post career insights and ideas for your players